Why you shouldn't use Wordpress?

By now you've probably done your research on agencies that offer website design and development and by now you've already seen great promotions tempting you with promises of a creative, responsive Wordpress website for less than &euro500, it doesn't seem like a lot right? Well before you sign up, you might be wondering why Wordpress websites or open source websites are so cheap to develop?

Wordpress "developers" who build Wordpress websites know little about website coding (code is the instruction set to basically tell a website what to do, it requires high skills)

Wordpress developers basically choose a theme (probably chosen by thousands of other developers) that is the basic design for the website and use plugins to add functionality. But what happens if you need to change or update something on your website?


Because millions of websites use Wordpress, they are susceptible to hackers, which obviously poses a huge security risk. Why are Wordpress websites more prone to hacking? Because Wordpress is used by millions of websites, it is very likely that if there is a security hitch in one website, it can also be found on many other Wordpress websites. Not only this, but it is easy to distinguish whether a website is open source or not, and robots can search the web for all Wordpress websites, making them easier to target than a custom website.


WordPress offers plugins for its content management system to increase its functionality. That can be an accordion list or a gallery. While it may seem like a great option to make your website look better and more personal, you take risks with every plugin you install. Each plugin was created by a random Jan, which means that if the plugin crashes, there won't be many (if any) support options to get your website working properly again. Also, since plugins are created by different people, there is no guarantee that they will work together. WP also has regular plugin updates. The problem with these updates is that they can cause problems with the theme you are using on your site or break your plugins because the plugins are no longer compatible with the new updates. Is it really worth it?

Unlimited login

The default setting for a WordPress website is to allow an unlimited number of login attempts. This is a security risk because a nasty little bug can cling to your site and force its way to your page after enough tries. Even if it can't get in, it can still overload your server with the power of the attack.

Speed ​​

With SEO in mind, the latest updates are focused on the user experience and sites have been rewarded with high rankings if the user experience is good. If your website loads quickly, your user experience will be better. Wordpress uses a lot of plugins for websites, if a lot of plugins are used in a site this will slow down the loading speeds of your website. These plugins may also be poorly coded or may conflict with other plugins that slow down your site.


If you want to have a hacker-proof, fast, original and secure website, we strongly advise against using Wordpress. Global Web Development makes custom web applications, without an overload of plugins and other code that are superfluous.