A web marketing strategy is an overall plan that utilizes all the digital marketing channels that are currently available.

Web marketing is easy to adapt and edit.

Social media advertising, banner ads, or other online campaigns can be tweaked and revised quickly and with little fanfare. With preferences changing constantly, this is a big benefit to you. New pricing, additional products, and time-sensitive sales can all be handled easily with web marketing initiatives.

What Are The Different Examples Of Web Marketing?

The most common examples of web marketing are SEO, social media, email, and content but those are not the only ones. Using the internet to connect with and engage buyers/ viewers is a smart move. But where do you begin?
The options are overwhelming, and few companies jump into all of them at once.

Email Marketing

Creating emails about your product or service and then sending them to a base of prospects is one of the most widely used forms of web marketing. Makeing an automatic script(cronjob) what works daily, weekly or whatever timeframe you request can be added in a cronjob. Email marketing is inexpensive and can be highly targeted

Social Media Marketing

Creating a company profile and engaging on social media has developed many small companies into thriving powerhouses We can help you set up a marketing plan according to your target group. We work with facebook en twitter API's to automatically post new articles, pictures, blogs with video/images and more.

Content Marketing

Companies that post blogs on a regular basis see four times the website traffic as the companies that don't. The reason is simple. People search for answers on the internet. The company that doles out helpful, easy-to-understand answers that are relevant to their questions win the grand prize of loyalty and trust.

Global web development has experience in writing content in English, dutch and the Indonesian language that targets the group that is looking for answers which can be found in the content. Contact us and tell us what goal you are trying to reach so we can make a custom made plan that suits your needs.