Frequently asked questions

The question of what a website costs is similar to the question of "how much does a house cost?". There are so many different aspects to take into account. First answer the following questions:
1) Does the website have to be user-friendly on mobile phones and tablets and must be adapted to this (responsive)?
2) Has the house style (colours, design, etc.) been provided?
3) What is the purpose of the website? Is it just about showing text or are there complicated functionalities?
4) Do you want to be able to adjust the website yourself?
5) Do you have a marketing plan to gain exposure?
And many more questions. In order to arrive at a good price/time indication, we always ask for as many details as possible. The prices vary from € 500 to € 20000

A content management system or CMS is a program that is placed entirely on the internet. You can log in there and design, create and maintain the website from there. The CMS is, as it were, the 'back cover' of the website The website itself is the 'front' Advantages: • Once the website is put together it is easy to maintain in terms of content. • You can add functions such as a photo album, form or webshop, depending on the wishes, where everything is possible. • Adding content is almost like in the office program Word. • The website can be maintained from any computer in the world.

Yes. You can choose to have a custom management system delivered to your wishes. Adjust text and images. You will see the result immediately in your website. You can also easily adjust the menu of your website or create new pages. Also options such as sending newsletters, creating, changing or deleting users and much more.

The experiences in our team are each in their own direction. One is good at designing, determining colors, making appropriate logos while the other is good at programming code for the (backend) functionality and someone else again in visual effects and website validation (front-end). Every team member works well together so that a perfect end result is strived for. The combined years of experience are more than 40.

Yes. Globalwebdevelopment has already designed several house styles and logos complete with stationery, sign in the garden, business cards

We offer hosting packages via partial resources on 1 server. If you want to generate a huge number of visitors, we can advise you to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS). We can provide the server for configure and monitor you so that it always runs smoothly. Contact us for more information via whatsapp (bottom left) or via the contact page.

API stands for application programming interface. It allows two applications to communicate with one another to access data. We can create an API if you want to offer data (images, company data, products etc) to your customers. Customers can can en API key to get access for free or a specific fee.