Web Hosting is simply a service that makes your website accessible over the Internet. In simple words, If your website is hosted then you can easily access your website over the Internet anytime and anywhere. When you create a website then you are creating a bunch of different files. These files have to be stored somewhere from which you can get access. Web Hosting provides webspace (Bandwidth, Disk Space, RAM, Uptime) to your website and keeps all the web pages of the hosted site on its server. The main purpose of web hosting is to give easy access to your website over the web.

What is webhosting?

To run a website , you need a A web host, or web hosting service provider. It is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.
To host a website without using any hosting providers, read the IPFS article. You need a domain name, that we can register for you. Here are the different types of hosting that are possible to choose from.

Shared Hosting

This is an economical option, but not the best, depending on your end goal. The operation of a shared hosting is the following: several websites – or even 500 to 2,000 websites – share the resources of ONE server. Example: An extremely busy site could easily use up 80 percent memory of the shared server, leaving very little memory for the others. Can shared hosting be a good option? YES ! For websites in development, test sites or those where the loading speed is not an important element.
We offer shared hosting on our own servers for about 5 – 15 € per month depending on the datatraffic etc. Contact us for more information.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an excellent value-for-money solution. This shared environment is limited to a maximum of 20 sites per server. Each site on the server is given the same amount of memory and space on the server. VPS provides flexibility with the manner in which it is configured and developers enjoy many options.
We do not offer complete VPS servers, but we can advice you and manage te server for you. More info: Server management.

Dedicated Hosting

This is the preferred option for sites hosting more than 100,000 visitors per month. The name says it all;one server hosting one website. The one disadvantage of the dedicated hosting option is that it requires major computer and hosting skills. Dedicated hosting will work best for two types of websites: the ones with major hardware needs and sitesthat prioritize data confidentiality.

Cloud Hosting

Finally, cloud web hosting is an improved version of VPS hosting. It affords users the possibility of utilizing the resources of many servers on the same network. This option works best for large companies as many options are available in computer security. This type of hosting has been designed to withstand attacks from hackers.

IPFS Hosting

The IPFS architecture is designed to handle "load balancing, de-duplication, caching, and high availability." Any computer can act as a server (node), and it elegantly leverages peer nodes to create a distributed content delivery network (CDN) as demand increases. Additionally, the IPFS Gateway and DNS support by Cloudflare removes any remaining concerns one might have regarding delivery, performance, and domain name usage. IPFS has made it easy for anyone to participate as a node through its freely available Desktop app.